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Work Experience


JUN 2021 – SEPT 2021


Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS)  

Data Wrangler | Data Strategist

  • Work within John Deere’s Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) unit to design, launch and manage a portfolio of data science and analytics projects focused on Technology & Digital Transformation.

  • Help John Deere’s achieve its sustainability objectives through the design and management of Business Intelligence tools geared toward the collection, monitoring and reporting of water, waste and emission data.

  • Support factories with limited data science and analytics capabilities by identifying and designing Business Intelligence tools that meet their needs and serving as the project manager to implement and promote them.


Data Science Enablement

Data Scientist

  • Worked within Data Science Enablement team to assist Supply Chain Management with its Analytics needs.

  • Used an Agile approach to deliver high value analytics tools and solutions​ for a cross-functional audience.


Led the conception, development and deployment of an R Shiny application intended to automate risk resiliency assessment and reporting of John Deere’s supply chain.

JUN 2020 – JUN 2021


Order Fulfillment   

Data Scientist

  • Supported Order Fulfillment in the development and maintenance of complex statistical models and predictive analytics solutions designed to improve forecasting of product demand, shipments and inventory.

  • Built and maintained customer-facing visualization tools using Excel, Tableau and R Shiny to present forecast insights and metrics to both a technical and non-technical audience.



Developed an R Shiny application to forecast product demand. The tool incorporated hypothesis testing to properly aggregate the data and linear regression to build the forecast models.

JUN 2019 – JUN 2020


Global Market Research and Analytics

Data Scientist

  • Supported John Deere’s Enterprise Market Research (EMR) unit by carrying out data science and analytics driven tasks to generate market insights that helped stakeholders make informed business decisions.

  • Worked with IT to build data pipelines and analytics tools conducive to enhancing business performance.

  • Built analytical solutions inside and outside cloud environment (Databricks on AWS) by extracting, transforming and integrating diverse large datasets using SQL, R, Python and reporting generated insights through Tableau.

  • Conducted cohort analysis using SQL and Tableau to uncover and visualize potential halo effect as well as other insights and metrics needed to decide on the continued production or phasing out of a line of product.


Used R, SQL and Tableau to successfully automate market share calculation and reporting.

OCT 2018 – JUN 2019


Supply Chain Management

Data Analyst

  • Managed data aggregation process of web-based tool designed to gain insights on company’s supply chain.

  • Gathered raw material suppliers’ and parts manufacturers’ data from internal and external data sources.

  • Cleaned and converted collected data into common standards of the business prior to database upload.

  • Used SQL and Tableau to automate data extraction and insights generation for various stakeholders.

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